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Alternate Assessment Participation

Accountability Data

The Mississippi Statewide Accountability System is a single “A” through “F” school and district accountability system. Click any chart to get detailed information on the measure.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many facets of education including instruction and assessment during the 2020-2021 school year. These disruptions may have influenced a student’s opportunity to learn, motivation and/or assessment administration conditions. Results presented should not be considered comparable to prior years.
There are no new A-F letter grades for districts and schools because assessments were not administered in 2019-2020 and growth could not be calculated.

Alternate Assessment Participation

The percent of students in Mississippi public schools who participated in the yearly statewide alternate assessment for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Goal: <1%

Science Alternate Participation



Grade 10


Percent of all students completing the annual statewide science or Biology I alternate assessment.

Alternate Assessments

Math Alternate Participation Number

Science Alternate Participation Number

  • All <10
  • HS <10

English Alternate Participation Number

Math Alternate Participation %

Science Alternate Participation %

  • All <5%
  • HS <5%

English Alternate Participation %

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