Sand Hill Elementary School

Per-Pupil Expenditure (PPE)

The PPE Report is defined by the Every Student Succeeds Act as expenditures of Federal, State, and Local funds for each local district and school in the State. Funding categories used in the calculation include Title Funds, Special Education Funds, General Funds, and State Funds (for example: District Maintenance Funds, Activity Funds, Special Revenue Funds, State Grants, and Vocational Funds). These financial data are unaudited.

School Level Expenditures

School level expenses are spent specifically at a school for the benefit of only those students and may include items such as staff salaries and benefits, supplies, furniture, or utilities.

State/Local Funds1

Federal Funds2

District Level Expenditures

District level expenses are spent for the benefit of all students in a district and may include items such as central office operations, transportation, technology operations, maintenance, or property insurance.

State/Local Funds1

Federal Funds2


State/Local Funds

State and local funds include ad valorem taxes, school fees, athletic events, donations, Mississippi Adequate Education Program (MAEP) funds, education enhancement funds, and other state grants.


Federal Funds

Federal funds include Title programs, special education programs, Medicaid or rehabilitation programs, and other federal grants.